Is Your Moisture Meter Calibrated? Here's How To Check

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Feb 3, 2016 11:30:00 AM

A properly calibrated moisture meter is an essential tool for professionals in a variety of industries: farmers storing hay, home inspectors, restoration professionals and many others. Readings that are off by just a few percentage points can cause serious problems, so equipment must be completely reliable. No professional can afford to risk the integrity of their hay harvest or miss moisture within building materials by failing to verify the calibration of tools.

Moisture Meters without Built-In Calibration Checks

Some moisture meters, such as Delmhorst’s BD 2100 and F2000, have built-in calibration checks. This internal feature makes it easy to keep an eye on the calibration of your moisture meter and catch problems early. However, not every moisture meter comes equipped with a built-in check. Without a built-in check, it is essential to test the meter in another way.  A Moisture Content Standard offers a quick and reliable means of verifying the accuracy of a moisture meter without a built-in calibration checkpoint.


Moisture Meters with Built-In Calibration Checks

Typically, a moisture meter with a built-in calibration check offers only one checkpoint.  Although this is useful and gives the user a high degree of confidence in his tool, many professionals want to go one step further in ensuring the quality of their readings. A Moisture Content Standard provides one or more additional checkpoints, thus assuring the professional that the moisture meter is calibrated across the board. 

For example, the hay moisture meter F2000 has a built-in calibration check at 12%.  However, a Moisture Content Standard would also offer checkpoints at 16% and 22%, providing a greater degree of confidence. For the BD 2100, the Moisture Content Standard would verify the meter’s built-in check at 12% and offer an additional checkpoint at 22%.  Each Standard is geared toward the range in which a particular meter is in calibration.

What if My Meter is Out of Calibration?

If the Moisture Content Standard shows that your Delmhorst moisture meter is out of calibration, first change the battery.  If the meter is still out of calibration with a new battery, you can easily send it to Delmhorst for repair. If your meter is still under warranty, we’ll fix or replace it at no charge. If you’re outside the warranty period, follow these instructions

Get a Moisture Content Standard for Your Meter Today 

Order a Moisture Content Standard for just $40—a small price to pay for the added confidence this additional check will provide when you’re taking measurements that impact your livelihood. 

Or, call 877-DELMHORST (335-6467) to purchase your new moisture meter.

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