Make the Most of Your Moisture Meter with the EDGE™ App

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Aug 16, 2023 10:44:46 AM

In this last of seven articles in our series, we will explore the range of assets and opportunities offered by Delmhorst's innovative EDGE™ App, which revolutionizes the moisture content (MC) measuring and monitoring industry. Designed to incorporate Delmhorst's already classic moisture meter features, the innovative technology adds enhanced functionality to the full line of its 30-series Navigator™ moisture meter devices. The technology extends the range of the instrument's services, provides fast and accurate information access, and delivers unmatched data management tools that will elevate all your manufacturing and production processes, whether yours is a small business of one or a major corporation with global industrial operations.  


Moisture control is a critical element in the successful operation of multiple industries, from hardwood flooring and lumber to agriculture and water damage restoration. Even in small amounts, excess moisture can cause devastating damage to people when it generates the toxic molds and mildew that contaminate human-occupied indoor environments. In large volumes, such as flooding, it is responsible for property damages costing billions of dollars each year. At the same time, drought conditions can impede the development and harvesting of essential food and agricultural crops. In virtually any setting, the measuring, monitoring, and tracking of moisture levels is an indispensable element of the strategy to ensure the safety of both human and corporate activities.   

Delmhorst was fully aware of this particular reality when it updated its industry-leading moisture meter offering with its advanced technological innovation, the EDGE™ App. Built into the full line of the 30-series Navigator™ moisture meters, the digital tool augments their already stellar capacities with new capabilities and options. 


Delmhorst designed the App primarily to address the day-to-day demands of on-site building tradespeople who routinely interact with moisture-affected materials in the course of their work. Bluetooth® technology installed in the 30-series devices connects and shares relevant data with the App, ensuring immediate and accurate storage and accessibility of project data. The EDGE™ App allows for meter customization, so it's adaptable and can meet the needs of virtually any industry, artisan, or customer. 

In addition to these functions, the App also vastly expands the range of the meter by connecting it to an extensive catalog of materials and the calibrations needed to accurately measure their moisture levels.

  • In the woodworking industry, for example, the App provides data for dozens of domestic and exotic wood species. Each individual species reads differently at the same level of moisture, so they all require individualized calibration settings. The App makes this activity simple and easy to accomplish.  
  • Using the App also allows you to store an unlimited number of readings. The device itself retains data collected from up to a total of 100 readings, so the App extends this capacity significantly.

The combination of the Navigator™ 30-series device and the accompanying EDGE™ App gives every user the capacity to measure, record, and share data from the field immediately, accurately, and comprehensively. That ability alone escalates the value of emerging information when leaders can receive, review, and act on current relevant data in real-time. 


Delmhorst has also increased the ease of daily operations by designing the EDGE™ App's dashboard-like display to highlight precisely the information users may need at any given moment.

  • The App contains the control settings for itself and its affiliated device, so users can easily customize both to suit their particular purpose.  
  • The App's 'readings' feature displays the data collected at a specific moment in time, including the moisture content (MC) level, the time and temperature at the time the reading was taken, and the pin type used to take the measurement.
  • The 'plot' feature facilitates the comparison of multiple readings by converting reading data into a line graph. The graph has an adjustable range function, too, that allows users to enter data and tailor their investigation to their individual projects. Each reading included in the plot graph is also tagged with a time stamp, so you always know when your displayed data was collected. 
  • The 'statistics' generated and captured by the App parse its data into usable and relevant presentations for analysis and decision-making. This element allows users to view the relative values of their reading entries to determine averages, estimates, and other operations-critical elements. 
  • Sharing data from the EDGE™ App is easy, too, as it structures data reports into a CSV format for simple transmission to your phone, computer, or a colleague. And because it also stores data, you can always refer back to previous readings to compare and contrast progress.  

Delmhorst's EDGE™ App innovation makes the Navigator™ 30-series of moisture meters the first app-enabled moisture meters to actually enhance meter functionality, rather than simply mirror the meter itself. 

Designed for use in the building trades (including water damage restoration/IAQ, flooring, and roofing), the agriculture industry (for hay and cotton), the leather goods industry, and the paper and corrugated sector, the App gives professionals the information and control they need to ensure that every element of every product is safe from inappropriate moisture levels during project development and into full usage. The pairing of device and App combines the epitome of moisture control standards and practices with future-focused technology for unmatched ease, precision, and versatility. 

Contact Delmhorst today to get more information, and keep your eye on this blog. Our next installment presents a case study of the EDGE™ App's use in the hardwood flooring industry. 

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