Does Your Moisture Meter Store Readings and Export Reports?

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Dec 22, 2016 12:32:37 PM

Moisture Meter ReadingsQuick question for all the home inspection and water remediation professionals: Does your moisture meter store readings and export reports for you?

If not, it might be time for an upgrade.

Why Do Stored Reports Matter?

You might wonder why having a moisture meter that can store moisture readings and export these readings as a report to a computer would be important.

After all, can’t you just manually record your reading results and write out the report yourself?

Well, you could, but there are a few issues with manually writing down reading results, including:

  • It Takes Time. Taking out a notepad and writing down a reading only takes a few seconds. However, over the course of hundreds of readings, those few seconds really add up to hours of wasted time copying down meter readings.
  • Human Error. When you’re in a hurry to write down readings , it’s all too easy to accidentally transpose a digit or two here and there without realizing it. This can skew reading averages that are important to your decision-making process.
  • Ease of Data Transfer. Say that you have to transmit your readings records for a given job to a third party to settle a contract dispute or other issue. Faxing in a report is prone to issues with machines jamming and low-quality scans. Meanwhile, mailing in a report can take days or weeks, delaying resolution of your issue.

By electronically storing readings and generating reports on a computer, you can:

  • Save hours of time spent on writing out readings  each year.
  • Minimize the risk of misreading moisture meter test results.
  • Transfer reports exported to your PC with ease.

These stored readings can be invaluable for settling a contract dispute by proving the actual moisture content readings you took while on the job.

Getting a Meter That Can Store and Export Readings to Your Computer

TotalCheck-1.jpgMost basic moisture meters don’t have the ability to store and export readings. To get that capability, you’re going to need a top-of-the-line meter built with the needs of professionals in mind—something like the TotalCheck meter from Delmhorst.

This moisture meter not only features 3-in-1 functionality for pin, pinless, and thermo-hygrometer reading modes, it can store up to 1,400 reading with date and time stamps to help you with your moisture documentation needs.

Each reading can be sorted by the job for easy reference and uploaded to your computer using an optional software program. This program can take your readings and sort them into convenient Excel reports.

By organizing actual reading results directly into a computerized report, you can have the data you need to prove compliance with industry standards and contractual obligations with clients.

Need a Moisture Meter with the Ability to Store and Export Reading Results?

Find the perfect moisture meter for your needs today!

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