Delmhorst Builds Customer Relationships at the AWFS Fair

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Sep 25, 2023 2:45:04 PM

Since 1957, attendees of the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers Fair (AWFS) have witnessed firsthand the evolution of tools, systems, and policies within the woodworking and furnishings design industries. Guests to the 2023 show, held in Las Vegas in late July, were provided the same experience, as hundreds of vendors offered insights, innovations, and information to thousands of visitors at the country's largest biennial trade show. Of course, Delmhorst Instrument Co. was there, delighted to display all the new features now available on its devices, and the company's moisture meter experts enjoyed engaging again with both long-time customers and enthusiastic potential new ones. 



The AWFS designed its Fair to address the needs and concerns of sizeable wood-based manufacturing industry suppliers as well as those of mid- and small-sized businesses and even woodworking and related crafting hobbyists. Accordingly, the Fair's content spanned the depth and breadth of several design and furnishing sectors. It included educational modules, technical seminars, and product displays and demonstrations, as well as face-to-face connections and conversations. Attendees were able to advance their personal knowledge and network with professionals in associated industries, while representatives from companies across the country enjoyed the opportunity for business-to-business collaboration.



Delmhorst’s moisture meter experts always use these trade show opportunities to 'take the pulse' of their constituents, and this one was no exception. Not surprisingly, the Delmhorst booth was active and busy as conference visitors shared their experiences with moisture issues in general and, of course, with Delmhorst's several lines of moisture meters. 

The Delmhorst team was eager to hear about the benefits customers experienced using their current meters, as well as their concerns about gaining more accurate MC control in the future. Most were curious about how both Delmhorst's classic and newly released meter versions respond to their emerging needs. Underscoring Delmhorst's high quality and lasting value, many commented on their trust in their meter's dependability and flexibility:

  • The classic Delmhorst meter's capacity for taking the correct reading and providing accurate, timely data was highly praised, as many users revealed their long-time use and reliance on their device.
  • Others were quick to note the flexibility of those devices with the capability of measuring the moisture content (MC) of several different types of materials.
  • Still others were vocal in their enthusiasm for pinless meters. Those working with fine wood species, for example, who must maintain a dedicated focus on the product's final appearance, were glad they could retrieve accurate MC data using a pinless meter that wouldn't puncture or mar that highly valuable surface. 

The positive comments and product accolades proffered by Fair attendees were informative - and gratifying - for the Delmhorst representatives to hear.



Recent moisture meter innovations and new product releases gave the Delmhorst professionals plenty of data to share, too. The company has been fine-tuning its full line of moisture meters to meet the needs of every level of user, from serious enthusiasts to industry and corporate technicians. 

  • The new Navigator family of meters were a popular topic of conversation. Delmhorst personnel were gratified to hear that there is still a lot of appreciation for their classic J-2000 model, a best-seller in the long line of Delmhorst meters for wood – and that now, users are looking forward to the JX-20 and JX-30. Both meters have great new features and functionality, with the JX-30 model boasting both Bluetooth® connectivity and the digital capacities provided by Delmhorst's proprietary EDGE™ App, which expands the applicability and usefulness of the tool even more. 
  • The standalone Delmhorst pinless meter – the ProScan -- was received well, too. The tool's built-in specific gravity corrections between .30 and .80 accurately capture the MC readings from a variety of wood species. This non-invasive device uses radio waves to provide fast, accurate MC measurements and data for flooring installers, lumber product manufacturers, woodworkers, and even building inspectors, all of whom require that information to ensure the quality of their work. 
  • Not least, woodworking hobbyists expressed their satisfaction when using the J-Lite, Delmhorst's affordable, entry-level device that gives serious home craftsmen the same high-quality moisture control as that wielded by their professional woodworking colleagues. 



Today's construction and furniture industries are constantly evolving, and Delmhorst's on-site experts were open to ideas about how the company can improve its customers’ satisfaction even more. Customer input has always been key to new product and feature development, so look for more new products from Delmhorst in the year to come. 

For centuries, people have loved the look and feel of wood as an element of their home and office, whether it's used as flooring, furnishings, or both. Companies and craftsmen that work with wood and strive to produce the highest quality wood product, regardless of wood species, must track the MC in their materials to ensure their product retains its quality throughout its life span. Delmhorst was proud to share the classic and emerging values embodied in its JX line of moisture meters with woodworking industry attendees at the 2023 AWFS Fair.

Call them today for more information about the Fair and Delmhorst products. And keep your eye on this blog – Delmhorst also attended The Experience trade show this year, and we'll be recapping that event soon. 

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