Technological Advances of The New Generation of Moisture Meters

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Aug 19, 2021 9:38:00 AM

Delmhorst Instrument Co. is proud to introduce its new Navigator™ family of moisture meters with its initial launch of the BDX-20 and BDX-30 -- the latest in the legacy “BD-series” pin meters. BD meters are known worldwide for their unmatched reliability and ease of use. They have been used for decades in the building trades, water damage restoration, and inspection applications by companies in multiple industries, including the construction and agricultural sectors.

Ensuring the highest quality, these exciting new meters are the result of a fully engineered program plan including a careful human factors review, and multiple usability studies. Both the BDX-20 and BDX-30 provide benefits to their users including an ergonomic feel anDEL_Magazine Adsd intuitive interactive display. For maximum convenience, users of the BDX-30 have access to the Delmhorst EDGE™ app which allows them to adjust their meter settings and share data from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet. The meters are designed and assembled in Delmhorst’s Towaco facility, and carry a two-year limited warranty.

In this article, we’ll explore the advances and features of the new Navigator™ family of moisture meters.

New features, enhanced value

As far as accessibility and user-friendliness goes, the BDX brings to the market a handheld pin meter with one of the largest, easiest-to-read displays the industry has seen. With the screen now allowing enough space for more detailed information to be easily displayed for the user while conducting a moisture survey, it also carries the advantage of being exceptionally well-lit.

While most meters on the market are suitable for either dark or bright conditions, the large, custom display with adjustable contrast and brightness ensures the meter’s functionality in any lighting. Illuminating the display is the user-selectable auto backlight, another courtesy of the extensive research and development conducted by the Delmhorst team. This forever solves not being able to see the MC readings and other key information in darker settings.

When it comes to physical usability studies, Delmhorst has done its research. Aside from the large display with its available adjustments, the new meters ensure a remarkably comfortable feel and grip where the user’s wrist would be pressing to force the pins into hard material -- lies a patent-pending, ergonomic shape. The location and angle of the curve mean much less pressure on the wrist when conducting a survey and taking repeated readings. Combined with a premium, tactile feel from the robust switch array and the high-quality material and finish used in construction, the new BDX meters are sure to feel just right in your hands. These design and ergonomic benefits make using the meter even easier and more comfortable as compared to less thoughtfully designed packages.

It all boils down to the fact that the user-friendliness of this new line of moisture meters by Delmhorst is geared towards those who are looking for comfort as well as cutting-edge technological capabilities. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the BDX line is easy to use and has a minimal learning curve for the user from the moment it is taken out of the box.

The BDX-20 and BDX-30: A meter for everybody

It is important to note the difference between the two models.

The BDX-20 has three measuring ranges programmed into it, which comes in handy when conducting testing of different species of wood and building materials. The device comes with a chart that enables the user to make species corrections, as well.

The BDX-30 blows the door open to an array of options when it comes to species selection. Bluetooth compatibility and connectivity with the EDGE ™ app allow the BDX-30 to offer 37 species and building materials programmed into the device.

A sneak peak at key features of both models

While Delmhorst moisture meters have been used for decades in the building trades, water damage restoration, and inspection applications, the new features of the Navigator™ family can be a game-changer for specific applications and uses. Following are some attributes of the new family of meters:
  • On-Screen Statistics featuring highest and lowest readings as well as the average and standard deviation -- This is especially useful when it comes to work involving a material with different levels of moisture being tracked over time, such as water damage restoration.
  • 1-100 Reference Scale -- This measuring scale enables the user to easily detect and map the moisture condition in virtually any hygroscopic material, providing a comparison for different readings on the same project.
  • Wood Temperature Correction -- With the temperature being one of the factors that can affect a reading on wood, this option will take into account the variations of temperature in the material and provide more accurate data.

What’s coming up: Exploring Bluetooth capabilities and other features

With the exciting capabilities and features of Delmhorst’s new navigator™ family of moisture meters, there is a lot to be explored. In our next article, we will take a look at more of the BDX-20 and BDX-30, and dive into the EDGE™ app (compatible with BDX-30) where users can customize meter settings and share MC data or graphs from any Jobsite, quickly and accurately.

Stay tuned, and let the new Navigator™ family take you to the next level of pin moisture meters available for wood, drywall, masonry, hygroscopic building materials, and more. For more information, contact a specialist at Delmhorst today!


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