Why Delmhorst's D999FR is the Best For Grain Moisture Meters

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Aug 1, 2017 11:00:00 AM

For farmers growing any kind of grain, moisture is a constant concern. Knowing the precise moisture content of grain helps farmers pick the perfect time to harvest their grain crops, know exactly when grains have been sufficiently dried for long-term storage, and avoid nutrient loss or spoilage.

This is why grain moisture meters are important. These devices help farmers accurately track the moisture content (%MC) of their grain in the field, silo, or dehydrator—allowing for precise control of grain quality at all times.

However, farmers shouldn’t trust their grain crops to just any moisture meter. They need a tool for measuring moisture that is accurate, reliable, and convenient to get the most quality yield  out of their grain crops. They need the D999FR.

Why is the D999FR the Best Grain Moisture Meter?

Hands down, the D999FR is the best grain moisture meter on the market today. It combines the latest innovations in technology to provide best-in-class performance and convenience for measuring the moisture content of grain.

The 4.3” LCD touch screen display allows users to see readings for moisture, temperature, and test weight all at once. The D999FR can read moisture in grain over a range of 5% to 50% moisture content depending on grain species—and has over 250 calibrations for different types of grain!

Users can customize the settings of the D999FR for their specific preferences and can even save user profiles to the meter to quickly swap between preference settings. This allows sharing of the meter with multiple users. It also enables custom settings for different types of grain.

By adding specific measurements for grain temperature and sample weight, the accuracy of each reading can be easily verified, as temperature and sample size can affect moisture measurements. Reading results are typically accurate to within 0.1% to 0.2% MC depending on the grain.

Better yet, it only takes 5 seconds (or less) for the meter to provide accurate readings. These reading results can then be transmitted via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet for recordkeeping purposes.

To make sure that your D999FR can keep working in the field when you need it to, it also has an 8-hour rechargeable battery and USB-based power supply.

All of these features combine to make the D999FR a supremely versatile moisture meter for grain—allowing it to test frozen or hot grains with equal accuracy. This makes it easy for farmers to track grain moisture measurements, with wireless data communication features not found in any other grain moisture meter.

The D999FR is, simply put, the most powerful, convenient, and robust grain moisture meter on the market. Any farmer who works with grain and needs top notch results on a regular basis would benefit greatly from using the D999FR.

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