The KS-D1 Digital Soil Moisture Tester, used with the GB-1 Gypsum Sensor Blocks, make up a valuable system to monitor the soil moisture available to the plants. This system eliminates guesswork, so that irrigation can be effectively scheduled, according to plants' requirements.

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Product Features

  • Bright, clear digital display.
  • Moisture Range: 0.1 - 15 Bars Tension.
  • 0-100 reference scale.
  • Spring-loaded binding posts allow for positive contact with the gypsum sensor blocks' leads.
  • Built-in calibration check.
  • Size: 2 3/4” x 4 3/4” x 1 3/4”.
  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use.
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case.
  • 9V battery.
  • 1-year warranty.

Individual Instrument: Includes meter. Order as KS-D1W/CS. (Price: $350.00)

KS-D1 Accessories:

KS-D1 Electrodes:

Delmhorst offers a wide assortment of electrodes known throughout the industry for their durability. All Delmhorst electrodes fit any Delmhorst moisture meter. Below are electrodes that are typically used for this model:


GB-1 Gypsum Sensor Blocks

The blocks are made of gypsum, cast around two concentric, stainless steel electrodes. They are manufactured under controlled conditions to obtain a maximum degree of uniformity and fast response to soil moisture changes. The GB-1 measures 7/8” dia. x 1 1/8” in height. It is the most widely used sensing unit, easy to install and especially suited for extensive sampling of soil at various depths.

GB-1/10: (Price: $120.00)

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Download the eBook, What is the key to Accuracy?

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