How Out of the Woods Forestry Produces Quality Kiln-Dried Lumber – While Saving Time and Money

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Jun 6, 2022 2:34:44 PM

Company Profile

Out of the Woods Forestry has been Kingsport, Tennessee’s woodworking and sawmill authority for a decade. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology (their trusty Wood-Mizer dry kiln and LT35 sawmill), owner Nathan Elliott and associates expertly handle the harvesting, drying, and sterilization of timber native to the mountains of Northern Tennessee.

Their methods produce quality, defect-free wood with a vibrant natural color and grain pattern. Artisans can purchase fresh wood boards for a wide variety of carpentry needs. Customers also have the opportunity to buy handmade wooden furniture from the company itself, including their renowned farm tables.



Out of the Woods continues to reach customers far beyond the sawmill – by the millions, through their highly successful YouTube channel. The channel provides valuable insight into the lumber trade with exciting video footage of sawmill action and hard evidence of their expertise in providing quality wood. Homeowners can peruse the channel for material recommendations for their home renovation and repair needs. Out of the Woods has the technological prowess and discretion that only comes with years of experience in their industry, so they’re well-equipped to handle whatever challenge may arise. 

Needs and Challenges 

When it comes to woodworking, moisture content is an essential factor in determining whether or not wood is usable and saleable. Wood shrinks and expands depending on its moisture content – and while these minute differences may not matter in a forest, they make a world of difference to artisans. Since much of the shrinkage occurs when wood is dried to suit average humidity levels, it’s essential to know exactly how much moisture remains in the wood before and after the dehumidification process.  

Out of the Woods opts to kiln-dry their lumber in-house to avoid common appearance and performance issues that would drastically decrease the value of their end product. Even with the knowledge that the wood dries completely in the kiln, the company needed to know for sure that moisture content was being measured as accurately as possible.  

How Delmhorst Helped 

  1. The first step: Delmhorst Instrument first came into the picture for Out of the Woods when they began searching for a reliable moisture meter to accurately assess the lumber going into the kiln to be dried and into the hands of expectant customers. Out of the Woods was encouraged to purchase a Delmhorst meter because of its reputation for precise and accurate wood moisture measurements. The investment was a great success – not only does the meter deliver accurate readings even after six years of daily use, but Out of the Woods has never had to send the meter back to Delmhorst to be recalibrated (a common occurrence with most moisture meters). 
  2. Custom solution: Out of the Woods benefited from their partnership with Delmhorst beyond their moisture meter purchase. Delmhorst developed a tailored solution for the Wood-Mizer kiln used in-house; this system monitors the wood drying process so that the operator knows the exact time the wood becomes dry enough to remove. Before this system was developed, estimated drying times were used for the kiln process; with this method, Out of the Woods saves time and money by using their technology efficiently. 
  3. Help on demand: Out of the Woods remains confident in Delmhorst as a reliable source for assistance and information. They benefit from fast communication by phone and email when they need clarification on some aspect of the Delmhorst system. If ever they need their meter recalibrated, they can feel confident that the tool will be returned in good time and ready to use for years to come. 

The Delmhorst Impact 

Out of the Woods benefits from its experience with Delmhorst products in the short and long term. The most recent installation of Delmhorst’s custom kiln monitoring system has given Out of the Woods new content to post to their YouTube channel in the near future. Meanwhile, customers will continue to receive the highest quality lumber thanks to accurate and reliable moisture meter readings. 

Out of the Woods’ dependability has inspired a rise in word-of-mouth advertisement for their products and services. Customers know that they can purchase wood, take it home, and use it for any purpose without worrying about defects – and they’re quick to tell their friends. Delmhorst tools and technology have become a crucial piece of the puzzle in ensuring that no matter how many hands the lumber passes through before making it to its final destination in its final form, everyone involved has a positive experience.

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