Top 3 Moisture Meters for Winter Water Damage Restoration Jobs

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Dec 15, 2015 11:39:00 AM

Moisture intrusion in the winter can cause severe damage. Using the right moisture meter for remediation efforts is key to a smooth restoration job.In an earlier post, we talked about the importance of using moisture meters for winter water damage restoration. Moisture meters are a must-have tool for tracing the origin point of a wintertime moisture intrusion so that you can fix the problem quickly. 

But, which moisture meters are best for these wintertime jobs? There are a lot of factors that go into picking a moisture meter for restoration work during the coldest time of the year.

With this in mind, here is a list of some of Delmhorst’s best moisture meters for winter water damage restoration jobs.

#1: The ProScan Pinless Moisture Meter

Generally speaking, pinless moisture meters are an excellent tool for inspecting building materials for restoration work. Unless a sample of material is completely frozen, the temperature of the material won’t significantly affect the moisture reading.

The ProScan pinless moisture meter from Delmhorst is particularly good for wintertime restoration jobs for a number of reasons, including:

  • Digital Readout. More moving parts in a moisture meter create more points for failure, particularly in temperature extremes where metal might contract or expand. By using a digital readout instead of a spring and gear-based analog readout, the ProScan pinless moisture meter is less likely to fail because of the cold.
  • Built-in Calibration Checks. When you need to make sure that the moisture meter is giving you accurate moisture readings, the ProScan’s built-in calibration check is a highly useful feature. With the push of a button, you can know if the meter is in calibration.
  • Built-in Species Corrections. You can set the ProScan to make corrections in moisture readings for you in materials that have a specific gravity (SG) between .30 and .80. This allows you to quickly switch between checking multiple types of building materials without having to manually calculate reading corrections for each material type.

With the ProScan pinless moisture meter, you can quickly check large areas of a structure for signs of moisture intrusion. This fact, combined with the ProScan’s other features, makes this moisture meter one of the best on the market for winter water damage restoration jobs.

#2: The BD-2100

 As great as pinless moisture meters are for restoration work, some jobs require the pinpoint precision of a pin-type moisture meter. For precise readings in building materials that are best tested with contact pins, Delmhorst’s BD-2100 is a great option.

The integrated contact pins at the top of the BD-2100 can penetrate up to 5/16” deep into building materials to take readings. However, beyond this basic pin-based reading operation, the BD-2100 boasts several capabilities that make it useful for winter moisture remediation jobs:

  • Three Reading Scales. The BD-2100 boasts the ability to take readings based on three distinct scales. The wood scale can measure moisture in a range between 6% and 40% moisture content useful for flooring and other wood-based building materials. The Reference Scale provides reading values between 0 and 100 on a relative basis that can provide a qualitative estimate of moisture in non-wood building materials. The Gypsum scale is specifically calibrated for measuring moisture in drywall, and can detect moisture accurately between a range of .2% and 50% MC in this moisture-sensitive material.
  • Reading Averaging. The BD-2100 can average up to 100 accumulated readings in building materials. This helps you get more accurate reading results by eliminating abnormal reading results.
  • Universal Probe Connector. The BD-2100 has a universal probe connector slot at the top which can take any Delmhorst probe. The ability to use specialized probes greatly enhances the utility of the meter. For example, the 19-E/STC probe’s long, flat blades can be used to check behind trim and baseboard molding that the 5/16” long pins couldn’t get past.

These features help to make the BD-2100 a versatile solution for restoration contractors who need to check a variety of building materials for signs of winter moisture intrusion.

#3: The TechCheck PLUS

As a combination pin and pinless moisture meter, Delmhorst’s TechCheck PLUS is a highly useful and versatile tool for restoration crews at any time of the year. Combining the strengths of both pin and pinless moisture meters into a single tool, this easy to use meter can be used on a variety of building materials quickly.

In pin mode, the meter can check materials using either a wood scale that tests moisture over a range of 6%MC - 60%MC, or a drywall scale that checks moisture accurately between .1%MC and 6%MC. The pin mode also supports the use of other electrodes with the built-in universal probe connector.

In scan (pinless) mode, the meter uses a reference scale that gives readings over a range of 0 to 300 to provide a qualitative estimate of a given material’s moisture content. This mode is great for rapidly checking for the presence of excess moisture in building materials so you can make more detailed checks with the pin mode.

There are many other moisture meters that can be used for winter water damage restoration work, but these are among the best tools for the job.

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