The HTX-30 all-purpose Thermo-Hygrometer is the latest product from the Delmhorst® Navigator® meter series. The hand-held device has a quick response time, simple interface and provides useful statistics, making it the ideal tool for measuring air conditions in water damage restoration, building inspections, flooring installations and many other industrial and research applications.

The HTX-30 measures Temperature and Relative Humidity and calculates Vapor Pressure, Dewpoint, and Mixing Ratio. Through Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, the HTX-30 can connect to the free EDGE ® app and share saved readings for further analysis. The app gives users the option to add names to each location and designate them as a location/room or dehumidifier. Users are able to add notes to individual readings, view and filter all readings, and export readings to a CSV file.

The HTX-30 makes the most challenging projects easier, less costly, and more efficient.

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Product Features

  • Large, custom display with auto backlight - easy to read under all conditions

  • Modern case design with large, tactile buttons and E-Z grip handle
  • On-screen statistics for up to 500 readings saved to the meter (High, Low, Average, Standard Deviation)
  • Measuring:
    • Relative Humidity (%RH)
    • Temperature (°F/C)
  • Calculates
    • Vapor Pressure (PSI, kPa)
    • Mixing Ratio (GPP, GPK)
    • Dewpoint (°F/°C)
  • Bluetooth® connectivity to EDGE® app
  • Set Location Number (1-30)
  • "Low Batt" warning with audio
  • Auto off timer. Set to 1m, 4m or 10m
  • Power: 2x AA Alkaline batteries
  • QR code on meter for easy access to support materials and meter registration
  • Size: meter only 8.65in x 2.85in x 1.60in (21.97cm x 7.24cm x 4.06cm)

  • Weight: meter only - 7.3oz (207gm)

  • Hard plastic carrying case included
  • RH/T-XE sensor included
  • 2-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Bonus warranty with on-line registration
  • EDGE® App Offers

    • Timestamp and geotag

    • Data export to .csv format

    • Save unlimited readings

    • Add notes to each location
    • Designate readings to a location/room or dehumidifier

    • View and filter all readings          

HTX-30 Package Variations

HTX-30W/CS : Order as HTX-30W/CS. (Price:  $525.00)



Extended Probe (RH-T-XE)

Extended Probe (RH/T-XE)

Detachable, extended length sensor (2.5 in) for measuring Relative Humidity and Temperature. Useful for determining the psychrometric conditions in the output of dehumidifiers or other recessed areas. Connects via 3.5mm TRRS cable for easy and durable connection.  Order individually or in packs of 5.


Extension Cable (RH/T-C2)

3 foot long extension cable that connects the HTX-30 to the Short Probe or Long Probe, allowing users to view their meter screen while taking measurements in hard-to-reach areas.


Delmhorst offers a wide assortment of electrodes known throughout the industry for their durability. All Delmhorst electrodes fit any Delmhorst moisture meter. Below are electrodes that are typically used for this model:

Manuals & Training


Owner's Manual HTX-30


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