Why Time is of the Essence for Moisture Meter Distributors

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Nov 15, 2018 10:29:54 AM

Here’s a question for moisture meter distributors: How high do you rate speed of delivery on your priority list for moisture meter products? Odds are that, for everyday stock items, you don’t worry too much about how quickly a moisture meter company can ship a purchase order to your store.

However, there are several situations where time may be of the essence for a moisture meter distributor—times where the flexibility and speed of their supply chain could make a difference for their ability to attract and retain moisture meter customers. In these cases, partnering with a moisture meter company with a manufacturing and distribution center based in the same country as your supply store can be massively beneficial.


Here are a few reasons that speed of delivery may matter for moisture meter distributors:

Moisture Meter Special Orders

In a world where online retail giants can stock and ship almost any product to a customer’s door within two days with free shipping, excessive delays in delivering a pinless or pin moisture meter are almost intolerable. These days, you aren’t just competing with the tool store down the road, you’re also competing against every big box store with an online storefront.

If you had to choose between waiting two weeks for a store to get an item you want in stock, and waiting two days, which option would you go for? Odds are that you’ll take the fastest option. Your customers, given the same choice, would probably choose the same way.

So, if you don’t have a particular moisture meter in stock and you need to special order it, the speed of delivery for the meter can be the deciding factor between making the sale or losing the customer. When your moisture meter company is based in the U.S., there are fewer delays for customs, overseas shipping, and red tape.

Warranty Repairs and Replacements for Moisture Meters

A good manufacturer’s warranty is a great way to provide some peace of mind for a moisture meter purchase. However, there’s more to a warranty than it simply existing—the manufacturer has to be able to act on that warranty in a timely manner.

Many high-end pin or pinless moisture meter products are costly enough that simply buying a replacement while waiting for a months-long warranty repair cycle isn’t feasible. For these high-end moisture testing devices, the faster the manufacturer can get the meter, fix it, and send it back, the better.

When you partner with a moisture meter company that has its manufacturing and repair center based in the USA, you can help to minimize the time it takes for warranty repair and replacement programs to send your customers a working moisture testing device.

Emergency Restocks

Depending on the industries that you serve as a moisture meter distributor, you may see spikes in demand for some moisture meter products in different situations. For example, if you serve the agriculture industry, you may see a spike in demand around the harvest season for different crops. If you serve the water damage restoration or home inspection industries, then moisture meter sales might spike right after a hurricane or other natural disaster that is known to cause flooding.

Even when you take into account peak demand for certain moisture meter products and accessories during stocking, it is still easy to run out of some things. When your stock is running low and demand is high, the speed of your moisture meter company’s supply chain can mean the difference between making sales and missing out.

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