Top 5 Moisture Meters Agriculture Supply Distributors Should Carry

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Jul 20, 2018 2:48:00 PM

If you’re in the business of supplying customers in the agriculture industry with the tools and supplies they need to ensure a successful harvest, odds are that you know just how crucial monitoring moisture in soil, plants, and baled products can be for farmers. Moisture in crops is a key indicator for crop quality and safety. So, having a way to quickly and accurately assess moisture is critical.

This is where agriculture moisture meters become important. These moisture testing devices allow farmers to quickly measure the moisture in various types of crops, from hay, to grain, to cotton, and even the available moisture in the soil itself. Using these agriculture meters, farmers can perfect the timing of their harvest to maximize crop quality, make sure their baled/stored crops are safe from spoilage risks, or even optimize their irrigation schedules to minimize water waste.

But, which moisture meters for agriculture should you, as a distributor, carry? The answer to that may depend on the chief crop grown in the market you service. If a lot of the customers who come to you grow wheat, corn, or other grain crops, grain moisture meters would be the best choice. If hay is a more common product, then hay moisture meters should be a priority.

Here’s a short list of some of the top Delmhorst agriculture meters that distributors should carry:

1: The FX-2000 Hay Moisture Meter

164_AGR-HAY_FX-2000-1The FX-2000 is a hay moisture meter that is designed for use as either an “on-the-go,” handheld device or as a baler-mounted device. The handheld mode is useful for taking moisture measurements in the windrow prior to baling and in baled hay (with the use of an extended-length probe).

The “continuous mode” is used when the FX-2000 is mounted to your baling machine. In this mode, the meter takes two readings every second to actively monitor the moisture content of hay as its being baled. This is enormously convenient for farmers who want to ensure the hay they’re baling isn’t too wet without having to stop baling every few minutes.

2: The D999-FR Grain Moisture Meter

Delmhorst’s D999-FR grain moisture meter is the perfect tool for grain harvesting and storage prep tasks. This moisture testing device features more than 250 different grain calibration settings—making it useful for a wide variety of grain types.

In addition to being able to capture accurate moisture readings for hundreds of grain types, the D999-FR boasts wireless data communication features to let your customers send the moisture measurements from the meter straight to their smartphones in the blink of an eye. Your customers will appreciate how much simpler this makes tracking moisture information about their grain crops.

3: The C-2000 Cotton Meter

The C-2000 moisture meter is specially optimized for measuring moisture in cotton—whether it’s in lint or seed form. In addition to its cotton moisture testing scale, it also has separate reading scales for wool and viscose/rayon.

This provides a little bit of flexibility for this cotton moisture testing device to make it useful for a wider variety of textiles.

4: The F-2000/H Hops Meter

The F-2000/H is a critical tool for hops growers who are looking to maximize the quality of their crops for their customers. With a moisture measurement range of 8% to 23% for hops moisture content, the F-2000/H is a fast, reliable tool for helping hops growers maximize quality and protect their crop yields for maximum profitability.

5: The KS-D1 Soil Meter

KS-D1-1Measuring the available moisture in soil is a critical part of ensuring a healthy crop and minimizing the risk of over-watering and water waste. The KS-D1 is the perfect agriculture meter for any farmer who has to contend with the moisture content of soil.

By using a set of gypsum sensor blocks installed at key points in the field, this soil moisture meter can let farmers know when there’s too much or too little moisture in their soil for their crops. This, in turn, lets the farmer optimize their irrigation efforts to avoid soil erosion from overwatering and crop death from under-watering.

Which of these agriculture moisture meters is right for your distribution center? Contact the experts at Delmhorst today to review your options. You can also download our hay guide at the link below to share with your hay-focused customers!

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