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4 Reasons to Use a Digital Moisture Meter

For decades, moisture meters have been used by professionals in the farming, restoration, woodworking, and flooring industries to check the moisture content (%MC) of the materials they work with. Read More

How Moisture Meters Help Ensure a Sound Structure in Construction

Construction crews have a very demanding job. Not only is there a lot of heavy lifting, tight deadlines, and specialized tools required for a successful job, there are an enormous amount of building codes and guidelines that construction workers need to follow. Read More

2 Thermo-Hygrometers for Your Restoration Project

Especially during summertime and storm season, rain-filled days are likely to increase and moisture has the potential to greatly affect the integrity of both commercial and residential properties. And this damage doesn’t only compromise the security of the building, ... Read More

Flooring Issues & How Moisture Meters Can Solve Them

As a flooring contractor or a restoration specialist, you know that flooring installation can become a tough task with all of the protocols and safety precautions that you have to keep in mind. However, when you’ve finished a project, your clients will be appreciative ... Read More

Solve Common Concrete Problems with Moisture Meters

So you’re working on your next construction or restoration project when you encounter an issue with the main material that you’re working with — concrete. It’s the moisture. Unfortunately, you’re not alone when it comes to experiencing issues with concrete moisture ... Read More