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Why You Should Always Check for Moisture in Your Basement

Everyday, homes and businesses are exposed to water damage in one form or another. Whether it’s catastrophic flooding, seepage from a burst or leaky pipe, or a fault in the building’s structure that allows moisture in, there are numerous ways for water to make it into ... Read More

Why You’ll Want a Firewood Moisture Meter

In many parts of the USA, winter is a time for family and loved ones to gather together and enjoy the warmth of a cozy fireplace. While many modern fireplaces use gas to bring warmth and light to the home, for countless Americans, there’s really no replacement for a ... Read More

Using Moisture Meters for Restoration Saves Time & Money

Restoration experts have a tough job year-round. Finding all of the hidden moisture pockets in a structure and eliminating all sources of moisture intrusion to prevent further damage is an enormous task—especially in larger buildings or after particularly severe ... Read More

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Current Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are an integral tool for many professionals for one reason or another. Farmers can use them to optimize soil irrigation for their crops, restoration experts can use them to track dry-out progress, and manufacturers can make sure their wood has been ... Read More

What to Avoid When Testing Moisture in Your Flooring System

Testing moisture in a flooring system can be crucial for preventing flooring failures. However, when testing the moisture content (%MC) of a flooring system, there are a few things that can go awry, throwing off moisture measurements and compromising the end result. Read More

5 Ways You Can Use Moisture Meters for Restoration Jobs

On any major building restoration job, moisture is a constant concern. This is one reason why many experts carry moisture meters with them on their restoration jobs. However, there are more uses for a moisture meter than simply detecting moisture. Some alternative uses ... Read More

Comparing 4 High-End Grain Moisture Meters

Grain moisture meters are a proven tool for helping farmers monitor and control the moisture content (%MC) of their grain crops at harvest time and during storage to reduce the risk of spoilage, moisture shrinkage, excessive drying costs, and many more problems. ... Read More

Verifying Building Inspections with Wood Moisture Meters

A complete building inspection is a painstaking process that requires the inspector to be both accurate and thorough. Any missed issues in the structure—such as leaks, damaged flooring, mold, or pest infestations—can create complaints or even damage the inspector’s ... Read More

Ensuring Completeness in Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration experts have to be incredibly thorough in their efforts to remove water-compromised materials from a structure. Likewise, they have to be careful that the structure is completely free of excess moisture and moisture intrusion sources before ... Read More

What’s the Difference Between Measuring Moisture in Hay vs. Grain?

Some users often ask “why isn’t there a single be-all, end-all device for measuring moisture in hay, grain and other crops?” The short answer is that there are a lot of differences in the different crops grown by farmers that make it difficult to create a universal ... Read More