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What is Hay’s Optimum Moisture Content?

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Unchecked Moisture Can Lead to Flooring Install Failures

Another year, another successful NWFA Wood Flooring Expo! This year I presented “How Moisture Claims Can Drown Your Profits” educational seminar to a full house of over 100 professionals interested in learning how they can improve their wood flooring installation or ... Read More

4 Tips for Picking the Right Moisture Meter Electrode for the Job

For testing the distribution of moisture in lumber and other building materials, few tools are as effective as pin-type moisture meters. These handy little devices can detect moisture with incredible precision and accuracy very quickly. Read More

Making Moisture Reading Corrections for Exotic Wood Species

Moisture meters are a very convenient tool for determining the %MC of wood for a variety of purposes. With a moisture meter, the task of analyzing a sample of wood materials is quick and easy, whether you’re using pin or pinless moisture meters. Read More

Warning Signs Your Moisture Meter Needs Recalibration or Repair

A reliable moisture meter can be one of the most important tools on the belt of a professional who works with wood or other building materials on a regular basis. From the building inspector checking for mold risks, to the flooring contractor making sure that a new ... Read More

Caring for Pin Type Moisture Meters

Pin-type moisture meters are ranked among the most commonly used devices for testing moisture in wood and a variety of other building materials. These moisture meters get their name from the pins that are an integral part of their method of measuring moisture. When the ... Read More

Building a Better Moisture Meter and Beyond with Delmhorst

Here at Delmhorst Instrument Co., we’re dedicated to making sure that customers are satisfied with every moisture meter they get from us. One key part of making sure that the people who use our moisture meters are happy with their devices is to build the best devices ... Read More

4 Reasons Why Universal Moisture Probe Connectors are a MUST

Here on the Delmhorst blog, we talk about moisture meters a lot. Topics such as how to choose the right moisture meter for the job, how moisture meters work, and why professionals use moisture meters are common themes on this site. However, there is one moisture meter ... Read More

About Analog and Digital Displays for Moisture Meters

As a tool for farming, working with wood, checking the progress of a building restoration job, or for monitoring the relative humidity in a concrete slab, moisture meters are incredibly useful. These handy devices come in many different shapes, sizes, and even have ... Read More

4 Things to Look for in a Moisture Meter Manufacturer

When you’re looking for a top-quality moisture meter for any professional application, it’s important to get a meter from a top-quality manufacturer. With a product from a reliable moisture meter manufacturer, you can rest easy knowing that your meter will work ... Read More