Top 3 Most Desirable Traits in a Moisture Meter

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Jan 24, 2017 1:27:47 PM

The most desirable traits in a moisture meter, across industries.Professionals in different industries are always looking for different things from their moisture meters. Different functions, different reading scales, etc.

However, despite the many differences in the needs of wood & paper product manufacturers, home inspectors, farmers, general contractors, and water damage remediation experts, there are a few traits that everyone finds desirable in a moisture meter.

#1: Accuracy

Whether you’re checking wood, hay, insulation, soil, or any other substance, you want to get the most accurate measurement possible.

Inaccurate moisture measurement defeats the purpose of having a moisture meter in the first place—why use a specialized tool if the measurements it gives you are inherently inaccurate?

This is why many professionals look for moisture measurement tools that have been tested to a verifiable standard—such as the USDA standard—to make sure that they’re getting an accurate device.

Moisture meters with built-in calibration checks take this dedication to ensuring accuracy to the next level. Calibration checks make it easy to verify that the moisture meter is still taking accurate readings.

#2: Durability

Moisture meters have to stand up to some rigorous conditions—even in the “gentlest” of industries. Almost no matter how you use a moisture meter, it’s going to be repeatedly exposed to accidental drops—if not worse.

A fragile moisture meter that breaks after a single drop from waist height is not really ideal for anyone whether you’re a seasoned pro or an occasional user.  

The most desirable moisture meters are designed to stand up to rugged use conditions and keep working. Easily-broken components, such as pins, should be designed to be replaceable.

#3 Strong Post-Sale Support

One issue that many moisture meter manufacturers seem to forget about is that the users of their moisture meters often need assistance well after they’ve bought their tools.

Instruction manuals are all well and good, but what about species corrections, tips for use, FAQ answers, and warranty repairs? There are many professionals who have found out too late that their moisture meter’s manufacturer was a no-show once the transaction was completed.

A company dedicated to post-sale support can make the moisture meter ownership experience much more positive. For example, online training courses can help contractors get new employees familiar with a specific meter’s special functions—making it easier to get these workers up to speed with a new moisture meter.

Also, strong warranties and fast turnaround time on repairs help add a little peace of mind to the buying process. You’ll know you’re getting a reliable product and if something is wrong with the parts or construction, you don’t have to worry as much about whether or not the manufacturer will repair/replace the product.

Get a Moisture Meter with All of These Traits!

Finding a moisture meter that combines accuracy, durability, and strong post-sale support doesn’t have to be hard—at least, not when you’re getting a moisture meter from a trusted American manufacturer that holds its products to rigorous standards.

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