Moisture Meter Technology: Revolutionizing Modern Industries from Paper to Leather

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Jul 18, 2023 11:01:31 AM

Assuring product quality should be your highest corporate priority, regardless of what your product might be. Delmhorst moisture meters for paper and leather give your organization the precision tool it needs to prove and maintain the high quality of your paper and leather products. They ensure that exposure to excess moisture and humidity does not adversely impact your products’ value before it leaves your production facility.


No two paper products are the same. Accordingly, manufacturing any paper product requires monitoring and precise measurements of the material’s moisture content to ensure that the end commodity achieves its intended purpose. 

Paper is ‘hygroscopic,’ which means it will absorb and lose moisture depending on humidity fluctuations in its environment. Generally, paper products will retain their usable stability in a 45-50% relative humidity (RH) zone at a 72°F temperature. To ensure this product stability, raw paper stock is produced with an 'absolute moisture content' between 4 and 6% of the material's total weight. And the paper remains stable while encased in its protective shipping wrapping.

When exposed to ambient air conditions with a high RH factor, the moisture content within the material can increase to as much as 7% within a scant 4 hours. Paper product that is too wet will become sticky and can clog up the machinery used to turn it into its final product. Conversely, material that is too dry (that loses moisture in dryer ambient conditions) can also lose its strength and disintegrate in the processing system. 

The PX-20 & 30  

Delmhorst produces two types of moisture meters for testing the relative moisture within paper stock, the PX-20 and the PX-30. These devices accommodate three calibrations, one each for general paper and paper core testing, one for baled or recycled paper, and another for relative “dry/wet’ readings on paper-based materials that do not have specific calibrations. The meters are designed with a dashboard-like display that is backlit for easy viewing of the moisture content and other relevant data including statistics. Both models have integral contact pins for convenience and are compatible with any special application Delmhorst electrode. 

Consequently, these meters can measure the moisture content in virtually any paper product at any point during the manufacturing or buying/selling processes to ensure that levels are within range and thus assure the quality of the end product. 


Around the world, high-quality leather commands equally high prices because of its inherent beauty, durability, and functionality. Accordingly, manufacturers of leather-based merchandise must protect the quality of their supplies to ensure the consistent superiority of their marketed product – and the security of their market sector.

However, those leather goods producers face many challenges throughout the procurement and production processes. Initially, they must be confident that the rawhide supply they receive is already of the highest quality. They then must obtain appropriate transport options and environmentally proper storage capacities for the delicate raw materials. In all these instances, the environment in which the raw hides and finished leather supply travels, is stored, and is processed can profoundly impact the end quality of the final product. 

  • In its raw state, leather hide that will become a finished leather product is vulnerable to swift deterioration when exposed to climate and environmental factors, including sunlight, water (rain as well as ambient humidity), bacteria, and fungus. The unprocessed component must be protected from these elements as quickly as possible after harvest to avoid unnecessary quality loss.
  • As it's processed, the natural material also swells and then shrinks, which can change it in both shape and character. Excess moisture that is not removed during processing and that evaporates later can negatively alter the construction and final appearance of the end product and thereby reduce its quality and value.     
  • Not least, leather exposed to too much heat or moisture during the tanning process also loses its tensile strength, which also can result in an inferior piece of merchandise.

Consequently, it is critical for all companies that produce or use leather in their manufacturing operations to track and monitor the status of their leather supply throughout these procedures. A  reliable and accurate moisture meter is the essential tool that no production or QC operation can be without. 


The JLX-30 

Delmhorst is already renowned for its best-in-class moisture meters for the agriculture, water restoration, paper, and wood production industries. Now, the global leader in moisture measuring devices is introducing its newest device, the JLX-30, specifically for the leather processing and manufactured goods sectors.

The JLX-30 has a calibration for leather that covers the range of 9%-30%MC and can quickly and accurately detect the moisture levels during any phase of processing. The device is also compatible with the Delmhorst EDGE™ App, which collects and stores virtually unlimited data regarding your leather supplies and goods. With the EDGE™ App, you'll be able to store unlimited MC data points with time and date stamp, and also have the data you need to back up your claims of its superior grade.

In today's escalated global economy, paper and leather goods producers should exercise every available option to maintain and grow their market share. The Delmhorst moisture meters for paper (the PX-20 and 30) and leather (the JLX-30) provide the precision and accuracy they need to control moisture within their product. At the same time, both the JLX-30 and the PX-30 devices offer EDGE™ App connectivity for data collection and storage.

Call Delmhorst today to find out more about these game-changing moisture meters for the leather and paper industries. And keep your eye on this blog. Moisture meters have played a significant role in many industries. In our next post, we'll share the history of these invaluable devices. 

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