Four Trade Shows: Many Conversations. Delmhorst Connects with Industry Experts on Moisture Meter Technology

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Oct 24, 2023 8:32:20 AM

It's been a busy summer for Delmhorst and its traveling 'trade show' contingent. We were proud to participate as exhibitors at four separate industry-specific events, and at each, we enjoyed talking with both current and potential customers. While we were happy to share our news about the excellence and high quality of Delmhorst's full line of moisture meters, we were equally engaged and informed by our users about what matters to them in their businesses and projects. According to Delmhorst CEO Tom Laurenzi, "There's news that you just don't get from any other medium other than being face to face with colleagues, peers, and competitors… we had our share of discussions, that's for sure!"


While each of the four events had its own specific focus, they all had at least one thing in common: attendees all worked with materials that are often adversely affected by moisture, either too much or too little. Show visitors were businesses and tradespeople that rely heavily on accurate moisture measurements in both components and environments to ensure that their final product achieves its optimal level of stability. Without a reliable device providing that information, they could not assure their clients that the final product would perform as expected, be it a piece of furniture, a new floor system, or a newly inhabitable space.  

  • The RESTORE Conference opened the trade show season in June 2023 in New Orleans. This event gathered hundreds of property restoration professionals from across the country. Both corporate and individual entities attended, all of whom frequently encounter excess moisture levels in their projects. 
  • The SERVPRO gathering attracted hundreds of SERVPRO professionals and businesses to Tampa FLA, also in June. With attendance limited to SERVPRO franchisees, many conversations focused on best practices and optimizing SERVPRO services. Not surprisingly, Delmhorst moisture meters are the standard for MC measurements across this industry sector, so they were often featured in demonstrations and presentations.   

  • The AWFS Fair enticed hundreds of woodworkers and furnishing industry suppliers to Las Vegas in July. Inappropriate moisture levels in raw wood materials, both too much and too little, will negatively impact the quality of the finished piece, so tracking that data throughout development and construction is imperative to ensure a quality end result. These professionals, too, were enthusiastic about Delmhorst's many meter options and their varied selection of features and capacities. 

  • The Experience also convened restoration industry professionals to Las Vegas, but this show was in early September. Members of this population of 'first responders' are typically the first to appear on-site at an environmental disaster, whether that's a fire, flood, or some other catastrophe, and they often encompass many services within one project. Delmhorst is a regular exhibitor here since so much of this work involves returning environments to a safe and hygienic state, which usually requires accurate MC, RH, and temperature readings over time.  



Delmhorst booth staff were careful to note specific concerns and conversations as those arose at each show, identifying how, if at all, they differed from one show population to the next. With only a few variances, however, post-season analysis revealed a series of common issues that arose in all shows and that those issues tracked two main subjects based on the nature of the attendee:

  • Business owners who run property restoration, rehabilitation, and construction teams generally asked about ease of use concerns. These organizations require accurate moisture content measurements in a variety of settings and for many different purposes. They also must hire and train the technicians responsible for attaining those measurements. They need to ensure that every team member captures accurate MC levels with every test. Keeping training and usability factors as simple and uniform as possible is critical to the project and the company's ultimate corporate success.  

  • Independent technicians were interested in ease of use concerns but were equally attentive to cost/savings discussions. They were very curious about multi-use meters that could measure more than one material, and were also more focused on the properties of the actual devices. For example, those working in the inspection sector liked the display's brightness, especially when tracking moisture levels in the far reaches of dark storage areas. Others commented favorably on the intuitive qualities of the meters that made it easy for them to collect and retrieve their MC percentage data whenever they needed it and from wherever they were at that time.   

At all shows, however, both of these groups agreed on one thing: Delmhorst's EDGE™ App, which uses Bluetooth® technology to transmit MC data to computers and other devices, is a game-changer in many, if not most, situations. The software application provides two distinctly different opportunities that each elevate the capacity of the meter and its user:

  • The program can measure MC in an expanded list of materials, optimizing it for many new uses and capacities. It digitally captures and stores MC information while providing the time and date of capture and a geotag reflecting its location. 

  • The Bluetooth® technology shares MC data with devices and other digital tools, facilitating the sharing of more comprehensive data as it is captured so decision-makers can respond immediately to emerging challenges. The innovation is particularly welcome in industries where process timing is critical for project success.

In Delmhorst's opinion, each trade show was a terrific success, both for the Delmhorst team and for our existing, new, and potential customers. But don't just take our word for that. Our next post features a case study of one trade show guest who was happy to share their experience with a Delmhorst moisture meter and how the device has helped them build their business. Contact us today for more information about how we can help your enterprise improve its moisture control capacities. 


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