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Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Dec 8, 2021 5:36:14 PM

Company Profile

Rewind to 1946 in New York City, and you will find in the quickly growing metropolis an urgent need for a way to identify water damage issues in the roofs and walls of the buildings. It was here that Delmhorst Instrument found its start with the sale of its first moisture meter device. Today, Delmhorst meters are being used by technicians and sold by distributors in the US and numerous countries around the world. All products are designed and manufactured in this industry leader’s New Jersey facility. As essential tools for many industries -- IICRC-certified water damage technicians, contractors, and even insurance claims adjusters, among others -- Delmhorst holds a wealth of expertise spanning industry-specific concerns, and each new development in their technology becomes a way for those industries to streamline their own service offerings.

Industry Challenges

There are many industries that, with the use of moisture meters, will enhance their reliability and attract customer satisfaction; however, not all meters are built the same. Day-to-day use on busy worksites means regular wear and tear, and is easy on equipment is not prioritized over the more pressing concerns on-site. Users should be able to rely on their devices without fear of constant breakage and malfunctions; industries require professional-grade tools. In addition, users need meters to be repeatable and accurate on wood, drywall, and a variety of other hygroscopic building materials; their readings should offer as accurate an idea as possible of the moisture content of their material. They should cover a wide range of applications, as well. The capability to utilize special application external electrodes – besides the integral short pins – enables technicians to obtain readings in hard-to-reach, and even unseen, areas. No matter the specific purpose that the meter is fulfilling for a user, durability, accuracy, and adaptability are key.

In addition, professional tools require a thorough understanding of their functionality. Not all brands of meters are calibrated the same; most have, at minimum, scales for quantitative %MC (moisture content) readings in wood, as well as a scale for relative (wetter or drier) readings on non-wood materials. It is essential that the user possesses the necessary knowledge to understand and interpret these different readings and scales according to the jobs they handle. Meter users must know how their chosen meter works, know what it can and cannot do, and know-how to make use of the information that the meter provides. Without the right support and guidance, end-users risk being left in the dark. 


The Delmhorst Difference

Industry pros who choose to trust Delmhorst find themselves better equipped and more confident in the handling of their moisture meters for several key reasons.

  1. All-in-one: Delmhorst provides a wide variety of options for every purpose. They offer both pin and pinless meters, as well as combination models that also include RH (relative humidity) and temperature functionalities. Depending on the technician’s needs, it may be possible to accomplish every goal with a single tool. Most available meters include the necessary species, temperature, and electrode correction information that provide the user with the necessary accuracy (as needed for the individual application). The most feature-rich meters, such as the Total Check and Navigator Pro, allow the technician to benefit from its mapping functionality and data collection capability; or, can be used as a simple moisture meter in situations where all that is needed is a quick glimpse as to the overall moisture condition of a structure.

  2. Rugged and robust: Busy technicians have a smooth user experience with Delmhorst technology. All Delmhorst meters and electrodes are sturdy, robust tools that provide years of service with minimal care and maintenance. Optional external electrodes add to the ease of use by being compatible with all meters. A variety of pin types and sizes are available for both standard or those unique applications, with varying degrees of penetration into different materials.

  3. Additional aid: Delmhorst was the first moisture meter manufacturer to provide a quantitative drywall scale, and to educate contractors on how moisture affects drywall/gypsum differently than wood. This is just one example of how Delmhorst makes knowledge about moisture meters accessible. Delmhorst happily offers application and product training to customers, resellers, trades, and educational organizations. These training sessions are available live or as remote webinar series so that all can learn to use their technology effectively and to provide top-notch service.

Lasting Impact

Delmhorst users in every industry are easily able to see the ways in which the tools enhance their workspace, and can rest assured that they are benefiting from 75 years of dedicated development in the moisture meter business that have yielded proven, reliable results. Looking ahead, users can remain confident that they are equipped with the most technologically innovative tools available; the introduction of the EDGE™ app, compatible with the powerful new Navigator™ family of meters, provides unprecedented flexibility and ease of data handling.

Delmhorst’s technical sales staff members are IICRC WRT/ASD certified, so they understand the needs of the restoration contractor. No matter the industry or the job, Delmhorst helps users find the tools they need, and provides legendary support every step of the way. Contact us now!


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