How to Choose the Best Flooring Moisture Meter Manufacturer

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Nov 1, 2018 3:13:46 PM

Flooring companies need to have access to a steady stream of reliable moisture meters for their floor installation jobs—not to mention spare parts and accessories for said moisture meters. These moisture testing devices need to be rugged, reliable, and accurate. Part and parcel to finding the best flooring moisture meters is finding the right moisture meter manufacturer.

But, what should you look for in a moisture meter manufacturer? How can you find the best flooring moisture meter manufacturer to provide the best moisture testing tools for your needs?

Here are a few tips for choosing the best moisture meter manufacturer to support your flooring moisture tester needs:

1: Choose a Flooring Moisture Meter Manufacturer That Uses Universal Probe Sockets

One thing that can make using a particular brand of moisture testing devices absolutely insufferable (and lead to delays in flooring jobs) is when each moisture meter they make has to be paired with only a specific set of moisture meter probes. This complicates the process of testing flooring moisture by requiring you and the rest of your team to keep careful track of which electrodes go with which moisture testing devices—or just using a single type of flooring moisture meter and forsaking any other options that might be beneficial in specific situations.

However, some moisture meter manufacturers use a universal probe socket design for their products—such as Delmhorst. Delmhorst’s pin-type moisture meters all have a universal probe socket that will work with any Delmhorst electrode. This simplifies your electrode and meter choice so you can spend less time worrying and more time actually working.

2: Ask “How Accurate Are the Manufacturer’s Moisture Meters?”

One thing that you need to know about any moisture meter manufacturer is whether or not their moisture testing tools are accurate and reliable. Ideally, their moisture meters should be calibrated to a verifiable scientific standard, and have a convenient means of checking that calibration.

Delmhorst’s top-class moisture meters often feature built-in calibration tests that make verifying moisture meter accuracy as easy as pushing a button. Delmhorst also makes a variety of moisture content standards (MCSs) to use with moisture meters to verify pin meter accuracy. To top it off, Delmhorst’s products are all calibrated to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards to ensure meter accuracy.

3: Check the Manufacturer’s Warranty and Product Support

Solid product return, service, and warranty policies might not guarantee that the manufacturer’s moisture meters are the best on the market, but they can be a good indicator of overall quality. When a manufacturer’s warranty policy is written in plain, easy-to-understand terms that clearly explains what they do and do not cover, you can be confident that the moisture meters they make are high-quality and reliable tools.

Additionally, it can be helpful to have a moisture meter manufacturer who is willing to be flexible about repairing or replacing a damaged or defective flooring moisture meter. For example, Delmhorst will, upon request, provide an estimate for the cost to repair an out-of-warranty meter so the customer can know whether it would be better to fix that meter or simply replace it with a new one. If the repair cost would be higher than the cost to simply buy new, Delmhorst will attempt to let the customer know that and ask for confirmation to repair or replace the moisture meter. This is part of how Delmhorst protects the interests of its moisture meter users.

Checking whether the manufacturer’s customer support staff is based in the USA or at an overseas call center can provide another indicator for overall quality of service and support. A U.S.-based support team is more likely to be equipped to meet your needs than a “support-by-the-lowest-bidder” overseas call center. Also, when the manufacturer’s moisture meters are made in the USA and shipped from a U.S. distribution center, it helps to make the turnaround time for special orders and meter repairs fairly quick.

4: Check the Manufacturer’s Variety of Moisture Meter Products

How much of a variety does the manufacturer offer for moisture meter products and accessories? While a single good flooring moisture meter might be enough to tackle most basic moisture testing needs, it’s important to have options if you want to perform the most reliable and accurate testing possible.

Delmhorst offers a wide variety of flooring and wood moisture testing tools, including:

  • Pin-type moisture meters;
  • Pinless moisture meters;
  • Thermo-hygrometers;
  • 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 devices;
  • Optional moisture meter electrodes;
  • Moisture content standards;
  • Spare/replacement pins;
  • Moisture meter carrying cases; and
  • ASTM F-2170-compliant concrete testing accessories and tools.

Whatever your flooring moisture testing needs, odds are that Delmhorst has the right combination of testing tools and accessories to meet your needs!

Need help picking out the right flooring moisture meter and accessories to meet your needs? Contact the moisture testing experts at Delmhorst to learn more.

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