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3 Quick Tips to Reduce Moisture in Your Home

Excess moisture can cause a number of problems for homeowners, such as promoting mold growth, damaging building materials (walls, floors, insulation, etc.), and attracting pests like termites, rats, or cockroaches. The longer the moisture problem goes unresolved, the ... Read More

3 Warning Signs You Have a Moisture Problem & How to Verify it

There is an often-unseen problem lurking in many homes across the country: moisture intrusion. A little excess water in the wrong place can cause many other problems, such as mold growth, pest infestations, and weakened building structures. Read More

What Moisture Meters Should You Stock for Your Contractor Customers?

Moisture is a constant concern for contractors in all kinds of jobs. Whether they’re installing concrete, wooden flooring, or other building materials, there’s a near-constant need for them to use specialized equipment to detect and measure moisture. This is where ... Read More

3 Tips for Using Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation Tools

When the average person thinks about hardwood flooring installation tools, they’re usually thinking about things like hammers, carpentry nails, glue/putty, and other basic tools used by amateurs everywhere. However, there are some tools that professionals use which ... Read More

Delmhorst’s Concrete Moisture Testing at TISE 2018!

Each year, hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of companies from all over the world gather at The International Surface Event (TISE) to learn about the latest developments in the floorcovering, stone, and tile industries. As noted on the TISE website, the expo ... Read More

3 Tips for Using a Moisture Meter for Drywall

Gypsum, aka “drywall,” is a very popular material for use in the construction of homes and offices. The material is noted for its strong fire-resistant qualities. However, drywall is also known to be incredibly susceptible to being damaged by moisture compared to many ... Read More

Flooring System Solutions: How to Better Test Moisture Content

Testing moisture content is a critical part of nearly any flooring system installation process. Whether you’re preparing to install wood, tile, or other flooring types, moisture can have a significant impact on the flooring system. Read More

The Difference Between Moisture Meters for Wood and Concrete Flooring

Moisture is a constant concern for contractors installing any kind of flooring system. However, because of the basic differences between wood and concrete, there are some differences between the moisture meters for wood and concrete flooring. Read More

Why Flooring Installers and Inspectors Use Moisture Meters for Wood

When installing wood flooring, moisture is a constant concern. This is because wood is a hygroscopic material—it will gain or lose moisture until it reaches equilibrium with the surrounding air’s humidity and temperature. Read More

6 of Our Most Frequently-Asked Questions On Hay Moisture Meters

Q: How Do Hay Moisture Meters Work? Hay moisture meters use the principle of electrical resistance to determine moisture content in different types of hay. Because moisture conducts electricity and dry hay acts as an insulator, wet hay will let electricity through ... Read More