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Top 5 Moisture Meters for Building Inspections

Building inspections are a must when preparing for the transfer of ownership of any commercial or residential property. Buyers need to know that the property they’re purchasing is free of any major defects that could cost them money down the line. Meanwhile, sellers ... Read More

Verifying Building Inspections with Wood Moisture Meters

A complete building inspection is a painstaking process that requires the inspector to be both accurate and thorough. Any missed issues in the structure—such as leaks, damaged flooring, mold, or pest infestations—can create complaints or even damage the inspector’s ... Read More

3 Tips for Using a Relative Humidity Gauge/Sensor

Home inspectors have a serious responsibility to carry out: finding any and all faults in a building’s structure before a sales negotiation takes place. If you, as a building inspector, miss a major fault in a structure’s materials, it can end up costing the buyer a ... Read More

DIY Tips: Using Restoration Moisture Meters to Detect Snow Melt

As we near the end of the winter season and temperatures across the country start to return to non-freezing values, there’s a particular moisture intrusion problem that home and business owners across the country are going to have to deal with: snow melt moisture ... Read More

How to Locate Leaks with a Moisture Meter

When it comes to leaks in a structure, whether that structure is an office or a home, timeliness is of the utmost importance in minimizing the cost of a leak. Leaks not only add to the cost of a utility bill, the damage caused by water intrusion into the structure can ... Read More

How Moisture Meters Ensure Sound Structure in Restorations

For building inspectors, contractors and restoration specialists, keeping buildings in tip-top shape is of the utmost importance. For contractors that come in to fix issues such as mold and water leaks, their main mission is to repair the problem and make the habitat ... Read More

Solve Common Concrete Problems with Moisture Meters

So you’re working on your next construction or restoration project when you encounter an issue with the main material that you’re working with — concrete. It’s the moisture. Unfortunately, you’re not alone when it comes to experiencing issues with concrete moisture ... Read More

Concerned About Mold? Moisture Meters Can Help

A high-quality moisture meter goes beyond simply detecting how much water is in a particular structure. They pinpoint the precise problematic spots hidden within or behind the surface to show areas of potential mold buildup. For thorough inspections to eliminate mold, ... Read More

Moisture Meter Tips for Building Inspectors

When performing a building inspection, whether for the sale of a building, a rental, homeowner’s insurance purposes, or any other situation that calls for such a check, it is important that any potential water damage risks are properly identified so they can be ... Read More

Are You Prepared for Winter Moisture Intrusion from Seasonal Weather?

Every winter, homes throughout America are exposed to prolonged periods of intense cold. Last winter saw an unusually long and intense chill sweep through the nation, lowering temperatures to levels far below what was typical of the winter season throughout most of the ... Read More