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What’s the Ideal Moisture Content for Grain?

In any agricultural setting, perfectly timing the harvest and properly preparing a crop for storage is critical for maximizing both crop yield and quality. Naturally, the better the crop and the more of it there is, the more a farmer can make off of the crop. This is ... Read More

Preparing Crops for Long-Term Storage with a Grain Moisture Tester

Grain crops are often held in storage for extremely long periods of time. Before they can be stored, these crops have to be dried to prevent spoilage. However, over-drying grains can also have an impact on their nutritional value and your profits at the time of ... Read More

What’s the Difference Between Measuring Moisture in Hay vs. Grain?

Some users often ask “why isn’t there a single be-all, end-all device for measuring moisture in hay, grain and other crops?” The short answer is that there are a lot of differences in the different crops grown by farmers that make it difficult to create a universal ... Read More

Avoid Relying on Weight Measurements with a Grain Moisture Meter

The moisture content (%MC) of grain can have a massive impact on grain’s storability and sale value. If there’s too much moisture in your grain, it could spoil in storage. Too little, and you’re giving away dry product in your grain bushels. As noted in one research ... Read More

Why Delmhorst's D999FR is the Best Choice Among Grain Moisture Meters

For farmers growing any kind of grain, moisture is a constant concern. Knowing the precise moisture content of grain helps farmers pick the perfect time to harvest their grain crops, know exactly when grains have been sufficiently dried for long-term storage, and avoid ... Read More