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Measuring Relative Humidity for Wood Flooring Installers

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What are the Different Moisture Meter Readings Scales Used for?

For many professionals, moisture meters are a must-have tool for their work. From the farmer who tests the available moisture in soil for irrigation, to the flooring contractor testing the moisture in wood flooring to make sure that it is not going to cup, warp or ... Read More

Do Concrete Moisture Meters Exist?

If you’re installing concrete as a do-it-yourself project, there are a lot of things that you have to be careful of. Improperly-installed concrete can spall, crack, or develop any number of other problems. Read More

Is Your Moisture Meter Calibrated? Here's How To Check

A properly calibrated moisture meter is an essential tool for professionals in a variety of industries: farmers storing hay, home inspectors, restoration professionals and many others. Readings that are off by just a few percentage points can cause serious problems, so ... Read More

How Does a Pin-Type Moisture Meter Work?

No matter how effectively you work to lay a wood floor, all of your efforts could be for nothing if you don’t consider the floor’s moisture content. For wood products, the moisture content can significantly affect the machining, gluing, finishing and even the surface’s ... Read More

Effects of the Cold on Flooring Moisture Meter Readings for DIY-ers

While flooring professionals are used to adjusting for material temperature when taking a reading, do-it-yourself enthusiasts might not be as familiar with the effect of low temperatures on flooring moisture meter readings, which can throw off their reading results. Read More

Can Moisture Meters Save Contractors Money?

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Choosing the Right Moisture Meter for Your Needs

Moisture can be a major concern for a variety of industries, such as: Read More

What is ASTM-F-2170, and How do Concrete RH Sensors Figure into it?

Odds are that, if you’re a flooring contractor or inspector, you’re already familiar with the ASTM-F-2170 standard for measuring moisture in concrete. This testing method for concrete has been the industry standard for years now, allowing flooring specialists to ... Read More

4 Reasons to Use a Digital Moisture Meter

For decades, moisture meters have been used by professionals in the farming, restoration, woodworking, and flooring industries to check the moisture content (%MC) of the materials they work with. Read More