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Delmhorst’s Concrete Moisture Testing at TISE 2018!

Each year, hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of companies from all over the world gather at The International Surface Event (TISE) to learn about the latest developments in the floorcovering, stone, and tile industries. As noted on the TISE website, the expo ... Read More

3 Tips for Using a Moisture Meter for Drywall

Gypsum, aka “drywall,” is a very popular material for use in the construction of homes and offices. The material is noted for its strong fire-resistant qualities. However, drywall is also known to be incredibly susceptible to being damaged by moisture compared to many ... Read More

Flooring System Solutions: How to Better Test Moisture Content

Testing moisture content is a critical part of nearly any flooring system installation process. Whether you’re preparing to install wood, tile, or other flooring types, moisture can have a significant impact on the flooring system. Read More

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Agricultural Moisture Meter

From soil moisture meters that can help optimize irrigation efforts, to grain moisture meters that help establish the dry matter weight of product, to hay moisture meters that help determine if hay is ready for baling, the varieties of agricultural moisture meters are ... Read More

3 Quality Control Issues to Check When Buying Lumber

If you’re buying raw lumber for processing into other products, there are a number of quality related issues to check for. These issues can heavily impact your ability to use the lumber for whatever purpose you have in mind. Read More

Delmhorst's Moisture Meters at the World of Concrete Show

Delmhorst Instrument Co. will be hosting a booth at the World of Concrete (WOC) 2018 event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Look for us at Booth #S13050. Read More

Top 6 Things You Need to Know About ASTM F-2170

ASTM International is an organization that defines and sets various standards for ensuring quality and safety for different products and services. Globally, the organization has released over 12,000 standards. ASTM F-2170 is the standard for testing relative humidity ... Read More

Using an RH Meter to Gauge Humidity in Cold Weather

For many professionals, knowing the ambient humidity conditions in a given area can be incredibly useful. Some uses of this information include: Read More

Why You’ll Want a Firewood Moisture Meter

In many parts of the USA, winter is a time for family and loved ones to gather together and enjoy the warmth of a cozy fireplace. While many modern fireplaces use gas to bring warmth and light to the home, for countless Americans, there’s really no replacement for a ... Read More

Finding Moisture Sources During Winter Water Damage Restoration

While the winter season might be a time of holiday cheer, it can also be a time of increased risks for water damage. The combination of low temperatures and precipitation can cause significant damage to structures that aren’t sufficiently prepared to handle wintertime ... Read More