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4 Alternative Uses for a Pinless Moisture Meter

Pinless Moisture Meters are a key tool for many professionals. They’re often used by restoration experts and building inspectors to detect moisture in different building materials. Compared to pin-type meters, pinless meters are known for being incredibly fast at ... Read More

How EMC Varies in Wood Flooring Across the Country

Wood flooring is an incredibly beautiful flooring material. When installed properly, they can add elegance and class to a structure. However, flooring installers need to carefully monitor the moisture content (%MC) of the wood flooring systems that they work with to ... Read More

How Using Moisture Meters for Restoration Projects Saves Time & Money

Restoration experts have a tough job year-round. Finding all of the hidden moisture pockets in a structure and eliminating all sources of moisture intrusion to prevent further damage is an enormous task—especially in larger buildings or after particularly severe ... Read More

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Current Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are an integral tool for many professionals for one reason or another. Farmers can use them to optimize soil irrigation for their crops, restoration experts can use them to track dry-out progress, and manufacturers can make sure their wood has been ... Read More

The Difference Between Moisture Meters for Wood and Concrete Flooring

Moisture is a constant concern for contractors installing any kind of flooring system. However, because of the basic differences between wood and concrete, there are some differences between the moisture meters for wood and concrete flooring. Read More

What to Avoid When Testing Moisture in Your Flooring System

Testing moisture in a flooring system can be crucial for preventing flooring failures. However, when testing the moisture content (%MC) of a flooring system, there are a few things that can go awry, throwing off moisture measurements and compromising the end result. Read More

5 Ways You Can Use Moisture Meters for Restoration Jobs

On any major building restoration job, moisture is a constant concern. This is one reason why many experts carry moisture meters with them on their restoration jobs. However, there are more uses for a moisture meter than simply detecting moisture. Some alternative uses ... Read More

Comparing 4 High-End Grain Moisture Meters

Grain moisture meters are a proven tool for helping farmers monitor and control the moisture content (%MC) of their grain crops at harvest time and during storage to reduce the risk of spoilage, moisture shrinkage, excessive drying costs, and many more problems. ... Read More

Reducing Water Waste with Soil Moisture Meters

Almost regardless of the specific crop being grown, farmers go through enormous amounts of water each year. In fact, according to data cited by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), “about 70 percent of all the world’s freshwater withdrawals go towards irrigation uses.” ... Read More

3 Reasons to Use a Pinless Moisture Meter

When shopping for a moisture meter, users have two types of meters to choose from: pin meters and pinless moisture meters. Read More