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Top 3 Most Desirable Traits in a Moisture Meter

Professionals in different industries are always looking for different things from their moisture meters. Different functions, different reading scales, etc. Read More

Balancing Cost, Convenience, and Function for Moisture Meters

Shopping for the right precision tool can be a Zen-like experience for some, and  a constant source of frustration for others. This is as true of moisture meters as it is for other precision tools. Read More

Delmhorst's Moisture Meters at the World of Concrete Show

Delmhorst Instrument Co. will be hosting a booth at the World of Concrete (WOC) 2017 event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Look for us at Booth #S12818 in the South Hall of the show, on the corner between US Tape Co. and KCI’s booths! Read More

Why You Should Use a Pinless Moisture Meter

Pinless moisture meters are used by many professionals in the restoration and home inspection industries to rapidly check for moisture in different building materials. Read More

The Wood Manufacturer's Guide to Maximizing Quality

When it comes to the wood manufacturing industry, there are many challenges that may arise.  Issues with quality control then lead to slower production and faulty products. For any company that takes wood and turns it into a consumer product or tool, maintaining strict ... Read More

Does Your Moisture Meter Store Readings and Export Reports?

Quick question for all the home inspection and water remediation professionals: Does your moisture meter store readings and export reports for you? Read More

Can a Moisture Meter Help Winter-Proof Buildings?

Winter-proofing buildings is an important activity this late in the year—particularly in temperate regions where the cold isn’t a year-round thing, but can still be harsh enough to freeze water in pipes. Read More

The Best Moisture Meter for Commercial Use

Lots of people want to know: what’s the best moisture meter for commercial use? Read More

RH FAQ's: Explaining Relative Humidity

Question: What is relative humidity (RH)? Answer: In the water damage restoration, home inspection, and woodworking industries, RH (or relative humidity) is the amount of water vapor in the air for a given area expressed as a percentage of the amount needed to reach ... Read More

Check Your Moisture Meter's Calibration in 3 Easy Steps

One of the biggest concerns when taking moisture readings is making sure the meter is in calibration so that you get accurate readings . When a meter is not calibrated, you may get faulty results—and being just one or two percentage points off can have a significant ... Read More